Teaching Robotics and Programming Through LEGOs – Vengit from Budapest, Hungary
Wed Nov 30

Teaching Robotics and Programming Through LEGOs – Vengit from Budapest, Hungary


Company Name: SBrick by Vengit

Industry: Toy software and hardware

Company Profile:

SBrick is a project started by Vengit, a Hungarian company focused on software, architecture, and the Internet of Things. The SBrick device itself is a Smart RC Receiver that connects to mobile phones, allowing the user to control LEGO pieces and create complex, motorized builds.
The product is geared towards teaching students of various ages how to program, build robotics, and understand complex design. The company offers build kits with pieces that students can incorporate in designs on the mobile application and create with LEGOs.

Looking to Work With:

Educational institutions and educators interested in teaching programming and/or robotics.

What They Can Offer:

“Build kits” that contain different customizable pieces, the SBrick Smart RC Receiver, and a mobile application.

How to Get in Touch:

Contact Noah Feingold, Marketing Associate at FB International LLC, at nfeingold@fbintllc.com or 312-236-5555.




Vengit is a partner of the Hungarian National Trading House, which is represented by FB International LLC.

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