Services for Trade Commissioners

Services for Trade Commissioners

We have built our track record through projects with the Hungarian National Trading House, ICEX, AWEX, OSEC, Atlantic Canada, WKO, Machine Italia, ESTER, and others. Our service offering is based on our years of working with these agencies and the companies they help.


Matchmaking Event

For delegations coming to the US, our expertise is finding American companies interested in meeting with the delegates to discuss business opportunities. Meetings are either held in a formal venue or at the office of the American companies. Deliverables:
  • Validation of the companies in delegation
  • 4 meetings minimum per company
  • Individual schedule of appointments
  • Company self-assessment
  • Final report
Time frame:
  • Minimum of 2 months before the event.
Training Workshop

Training Workshop

“How to sell in the U.S.”: This workshop was designed in collaboration with experts in sales management, the Samurai Network Group. The objective is to increase the return on investment in tradeshows for executives of foreign companies attending a tradeshow in the U.S.
  • Certificate of completion.
Time frame:
  • A 2-day training session in the home country
  • A 3-day training session in the country of the tradeshow
Industry Sector Reporting

Industry Sector Reporting

Like a market study, we collect all significant information through our network and strong relationships with key market sources. The result is an analysis of the industry sector of interest to you presented in report based on your specifications. Deliverables:
  • Report in electronic format (PDF)
Time frame:
  • 12 to 16 weeks
Market Testing

Customized Projects

Sometimes we go the extra mile with our clients by helping them in very unique projects. For example:
  • We have been in charge of Employer Engagement of a workforce development program in the Chicago area. This program trains skilled workers for manufacturing roles. Our client needed an organization that could establish a trusted relationship with local manufacturers to promote manufacturing and eventually hire the people trained.
  • A foreign government agency surveyed manufacturing companies located in the NAFTA region on their purchases of machine tool equipment. Our client needed an organization that understood the machine tool sector, and could make a thorough analysis of the data.
  • A foreign government agency wanted to organize breakfast seminars for Foreign Direct Investment purposes in secondary cities located in seven different states. The client needed an organization that understood FDI, and has a network extended enough to draw a target audience to the events.

Industry Spotlight

FB International turned around a family-held Illinois manufacturer. As a result of the restructuring under that we led, the company began making operating profits. Exports sales have doubled in less than 8 months, thereby avoiding bankruptcy and retaining 20 manufacturing jobs in Illinois. The main export markets are South Africa, India, Poland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Latin America. They continue to grow.

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