Services for Manufacturers

Services for Manufacturers

We are experts in international business development, and we love manufacturing. From strategy to sales development, we designed services based on decades of experience assisting companies to grow internationally.

Market Testing

Market Test

Our Market Test is a very efficient way for you to evaluate the potential of your products and services in North America. In 90 days, and for a very low cost, you’ll learn what American prospects think of your offering. Your increased awarenesss will make you better prepared for investing in the next steps. How does it work? You give us a profile of the ideal contact, and we’ll look for up to 40 potential candidates. After review, you select up to 20 of the best prospects. We’ll contact each of them and ask for an appointment for you. Deliverables: reports with contact details of the 20 (maximum) companies contacted, feedback collected during phone calls, results (interested, not interested, maybe later, etc.) and suggestions for next steps.
Time frame: 8 to 12 weeks.


Agency Services

Agency Services

This retained service is a step in between Exporting and Setting up a subsidiary in the US. By representing a client as their point of contact in the country for all aspects of business development, our Clients can save a lot of money while developing the business.
  • Agency contract
  • Business development work, including administration of leads, RFQs, and deliveries
  • Sales goals for year 2
Time frame: Contract with a first mandate of 2 years, then renewable on a 12 months basis  
Market Studies

Market Studies

We collect all information significant to your business through our network and strong relationships with key market sources. Primary or secondary market study, the result is the data you need for the next steps. Deliverables: A detailed report. Time frame: 8 to 12 weeks.  
Market Testing

International Business Dev. Strategy

Formulation of a strategy adapted to the company: We work onsite, 2 days at a time, with the Client to gather the information to formulate a recommended international strategy. The objective is to find customers with needs for a product at an affordable price and available. Deliverables:
  • International strategic plan, with roles and responsibilities, including manufacturing strategy (if applies)
  • Strategic plan approved by Client
Time frame: 4 sessions of 2 days onsite, every 2 or 3 weeks. Assistance in implementation of the strategy: We assist our Clients in implementing the strategy we helped design for them. Deliverable: Work with Client on implementing the strategy. Time frame: Determined on a case-by-case basis.  
Market Testing

Site Location Analysis

A physical presence in a market might be required at some point, by clients, by economics, by the strategy. Creating an operation in a country is a process similar to starting a new company, with all the preparation and research it requires. Local data, and their translation into comparable formats, are important in the decision-making process. The goal is to reduce the risk level of a project by identifying and evaluating the critical parameters. Deliverable: We design with the client a cost-structure for the prospective entity, and use our contacts to estimate the local costs. Time frame: Determined on a case-by-case basis.

Industry Spotlight

FB International turned around a family-held Illinois manufacturer. As a result of the restructuring under that we led, the company began making operating profits. Exports sales have doubled in less than 8 months, thereby avoiding bankruptcy and retaining 20 manufacturing jobs in Illinois. The main export markets are South Africa, India, Poland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Latin America. They continue to grow.

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