Frequently Asked Questions

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Our services are comprehensive, and our solutions range from simple to complex. If you have questions, we may be able to answer them here.

Our passion lies into manufacturing. We have experience in many sectors like Energy, Cosmetics, Food Processing Equipment, Packaging, Machine Tool, Specialty Chemicals, Automotive, and Aluminum Manufacturing.

We also serve clients in Biotechnology, Green technology, Food Services, Retail, Digital Signage, Digital Security Systems, VoIP, Wireless Communication, and CAE Software.

The billing of our services depends on the type of project. For example:

  • Projects with a define start and end dates will have a set budget, and the billing will be 50% at acceptance, and 50% at completion.
  • Long term projects with a focus on sales (business development) would include a monthly retainer and a commission.
  • Projects with uncertain timeframe (like the certification of a product by UL for example) would be billed on an hourly basis.

We have worked with the Hungary National Trading House, OSEC (Switzerland), ICEX (Spain), WKO (Austria), Machine Italia (Italy), the Consulate General of Canada at Chicago, the Mission Economique du Qu├ębec at Chicago, and AWEX (Wallonia, Belgium).

We have contacts in many of the US States, and our international network goes from North America to Japan, and from Norway to South Africa.

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