RYME+: Building Bridges Between European and American Companies

RYME+ is a European Union-funded consortium of universities from France, Spain, and Portugal. The consortium’s purpose is to support the international development of small and medium-sized enterprises through an international business program.

RYME+ works through partners like FB International LLC and the Illinois Institute of Technology to bring French, Spanish, and Portuguese companies together with American companies.


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Pre-selected companies we are working with, by industry:

IndustryCompany Names (linked to websites)
ICT and Creative IndustriesEmagina Business Solutions S.L., ITI Communication, LibCast, Londonberry Maps, Orfea Acoustique DĂ©veloppement, Serious Frames, Tesis Medical Solutions S.L., Triari Labs S.L., Neosistec
Healthcare and WellnessB Cell Design, Eurekam,
Invivox, Kavisha Pharma S.L., Nanovex Biotechnologies S.L., Oncomedics, Termosalud S.L.
Smart CitiesValor Desarrollo e Innovacion S.L.
Energy, Materials, and Industrial SustainabilityAquassay, CITF, Heaboo LDA, Know-How Innovative Solutions S.L., Protein Biotechnologies S.L.
OtherABAMobile Solutions S.L.,Nubika Consulting S.L.

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Opportunities for American Companies

  • Free expert assistance in international business development and technology-based alliances
  • First access to meetings and potential partnerships with companies from France, Spain, and Portugal
  • Faciliation of business relationships with RYME+ companies as needed
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