Insights into BioScience in Lake County, IL with Expert Michael Rosen

Last month we had an extensive conversation with Michael Rosen on biotechnology, innovation clusters, the state of Illinois, and bioscience inernalization. Michael Rosen is a healthcare expert with decades of experience in international business, bioscence, and technology and research parks. Michael is Chairman of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and President of Rosen Biosciences Strategies[…]

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Delicious Hungarian Wine Review from Florida

We’ve been working with New Wines of Hungary, a consortium of wineries in Hungary’s Tokaj region, for over a year. Recently, one of our partners, Rick Perry, in Florida received samples of several wines and brought them to a local event. Rick’s feedback below shows the quality of Furmint wines – and it is a[…]

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E.U.-Funded Business Exchange Program Off to Strong Start

RYME+ is a European Union funded program to organize business meetings and exchanges between American companies and companies from France, Spain, and Portugal. As the partner of RYME+ in Chicago, FB International LLC spent the month of January speaking to 25 European companies to gain a better understanding of their plans for the U.S. market.[…]

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Attending SXSW 2018? Here’s a Musical Showcase You Should Visit

Last spring we wrote about five Hungarian companies attending the South by Southwest shows in Austin, Texas. Companies with innovative technologies like 3D visualization systems and a platform for real-time media annotation showcased their software to 421,900 attendees of SXSW. This year, the first Hungarian music showcase will be taking place at SXSW on March[…]

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Hungarian “Tokaji” Wines Soon to be Available in Illinois and Chicago

We are pleased to announce that consumers will soon be able to purchase premium wines from the Tokaji region of Hungary in the state of Illinois. Terra Selections Inc. is now the official Illinois distributor of wines from New Wines of Hungary, a consortium of high-quality wineries from the Tokaji region. Since 2016 we have[…]

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Candy for Thought

I had the chance to speak with Bernie Pacyniak, the Editor-in-Chief of Candy Industry, a publication focused on the B2B candy and confectionery market. I asked Bernie about some of the opportunities and challenges companies in the candy industry would face, with a focus on Chicago and manufacturers from Europe coming to the U.S. Is[…]

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3 Trends We See in Western Europe’s ICT Market

The European Union is Not Happy With “GAFA” – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple Municipal governments in the United States are submitting proposals offering billions of dollars of incentives to bring Amazon’s headquarters to their city, but the E.U. is less enthusiastic about “GAFA” companies. According to EU Observer, finance ministers from France, Germany, Italy, and[…]

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Dissecting Digital Manufacturing at UI Labs

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute has been on our radar for quite some time. And it’s no accident – DMDII (a public-private partnership) is working to answer questions that the manufacturing industry is struggling with. We visited DMDII at UI Labs for their “Digital Disruption Workshop” event. This event and workshop focused on how changes and[…]

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Sign Up Now: Opportunities to Collaborate with European Companies

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2018 RYME+ program, a unique opportunity for companies from the United States to connect and explore collaborations with companies from Europe. RYME+ is a European Union-funded international business program that supports the global business development of small and medium-sized companies from Spain, France, and Portugal. Through[…]

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Debriefing Chicago’s Food Processing Trade Show

A few months ago I wrote about building my experience in international business through working with manufacturers, meeting executives, and attending trade shows. Since the beginning of the summer I’ve attended multiple conferences and shows. Our company attends several trade shows a year on behalf of our clients and to build our connections. Because we[…]

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