New service for companies establishing an office in Chicago: the Welcome Package
Thu Aug 13

New service for companies establishing an office in Chicago: the Welcome Package

Too often, foreign and even American companies get lost when establishing an office in Chicago. After a lot of hard work, they make their wise decision to locate here their US or regional office. However, when the time to implement the plan comes, they come short of contacts who can genuinely help them efficiently on the administrative process. They need an attorney to handle the incorporation of the new entity, an accounting firm that can do the book keeping and prepare the tax returns, and a bank to pay all the initial fees and receive clients’ payments. It is quite hard to find suitable service providers for small and medium companies, especially when the parent company is located overseas. These companies can get referrals from their respective trade commissioners, but these names are usually not verified or obsolete. Local agencies can provide also referrals, but they usually consist of big name organizations. As a result, new companies to the area end up taking a gamble on service providers to get the job done, and may have to change later for a better suited set of providers. All this process can be painful, costly, and lengthy. The problem is that this lack of trusted contacts leads many new companies to the area to spend a lot of time and money before they even get a chance to generate their first dollar in sales. The solution? the Welcome Package. This is a bundle of services created by FB International LLC for its clients, and developed in collaboration with trusted and independent partners who know about international business, and the environment of small-and-medium businesses. The package includes the following:
  • Legal, with a trusted partner who can efficiently take care of the registration of the business and handle the visa application process for those who need it.
  • Accounting, with a partner who’s expertise is in dealing with small and medium businesses.
  • Banking, with a very well established regional bank who knows to listen to the needs of entrepreneurs of all origins.
  • Business development, well, you know that this is our core expertise.
The benefits are:
  • A small initial fee.
  • Save time with a one-stop-shop FB International LLC, making the necessary arrangements with the different partners to be involved in a timely manner.
  • Save money with the essential fees offered at a preferred price because we all understand small and medium businesses concerns.
  • Develop a trust relationship as a solid base for the business development efforts.
  • For innovative companies: an exclusive access to office and lab space at a local technology park of a local university.
  • Additional referrals to services providers like insurance companies: included.
For more information and pricing, please contact us.

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