Our Services: Matchmaking Event for ITI Communication from Limoges, France
Wed Nov 23

Our Services: Matchmaking Event for ITI Communication from Limoges, France

This is one in a series of company profiles that we will be posting on our blog to illustrate our work with international clients. FB International has worked with businesses and governments in over 30 countries.

Company Background: ITI Communication is an established web marketing and communication firm that developed a tool called FACIL’iti. FACIL’iti is a solution that visually alters websites to make them more accessible to people with disabilities. The company is based in Limoges, France and is a member of the ESTER Technology Park. ITI Communication had been working to establish a foothold for FACIL’iti in the United States. As part of a trade mission set up by the ESTER Tech Park, ITI planned on visiting Chicago in early November 2016 for meetings with potential adopters of FACIL’iti.

Visit to Chicago: FB International LLC worked ahead of time with the company to establish a list of priorities and target companies for their meetings. These priorities were based on FB International’s assessment of the market for web tools for people with disabilities. After setting priorities and target companies, FB International reached out to Chicago-based companies and secured several meetings for ITI Communication, including meetings with major Chicago universities and the Chicago Park District. These meetings were successful in establishing the groundwork for partnerships – and ITI plans on visiting Chicago again in January of 2017.

Summary: We specialize in setting up meetings with American companies for delegations coming to the U.S. These meetings are targeted and tailored to the needs of the delegation and its companies.


Frederic Sudraud, CEO of ITI Communication

    1. How important is the U.S. in your company’s strategy?

Our product received an amazing welcome from clients and prospects during our visit in October. The technology is disruptive and we currently have no competitors. Plus, US law requires accessibility, so we have some ideal timing. But we will continue to push in the US.

    1. What advantages do you see in Chicago?

The market seems to be moving forward, and Chicago could be the pioneer of our US strategy. In that case I would establish a space for FACIl’iti US here. Plus, I love the Windy City!

    1. What are the biggest challenges in your company’s development in the U.S.?

Creating a subsidiary, finding a good person to manage it in the US, finding ways to make it work.

    1. What piece of advice would you give to other companies coming to the U.S.?

You need contacts to be legitimate in this market, and proof of concept (POC). US companies are not waiting for you. Don’t be impatient. You need money to succeed, stay, create, and exhibit. You must imagine creating a company in the US and think about how to manage it.

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