French Companies to Visit Chicago November 7-9

French Companies to Visit Chicago November 7-9

To schedule a meeting with one of the following companies, contact Noah Feingold at or 312-236-5555.

FB International is organizing a trade mission for the city of Limoges, France during November 7-9th. Three companies from a tech park called ESTER Technopole in Limoges will be in Chicago meeting with American companies. Below are brief profiles of the three companies:



ISORG produces organic and printed electronics devices for large-area photodetectors and image sensors. Potential applications of their products are numerous – including in the medical, healthcare, consumer appliance, and smart building and lighting industries.



KAMAX is pioneering a new optical scanning technology for high-contrast microscopic visualization with the use of chemical dyes, in medical diagnoses and materials science.

3. ITI Communication


ITI Communication has developed a web tool called FACIL’iti that makes websites more visually accessible to people with disabilities. These disabilities include dyslexia, color blindness, light sensitivity, motor impairments, and more.

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