RYME+: Building Bridges Between European and American Companies

RYME+ is a European Union-funded consortium of universities from France, Spain, and Portugal. The consortium’s purpose is to support the international development of small and medium-sized enterprises through an international business program.


RYME+ works through partners like FB International LLC and the Illinois Institute of Technology to bring French, Spanish, and Portuguese companies together with American companies.


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Selected companies who will visit Chicago in June, by industry:

IndustryCompany Names (linked to websites)
ICT and Creative IndustriesITI Communication, Serious Frames, Neosistec
Healthcare and WellnessB Cell Design, Eurekam,
Invivox, Kavisha Pharma S.L., Oncomedics, Termosalud S.L., Tesis Medical Solutions S.L.
Energy, Materials, and Industrial SustainabilityAquassay, CITF

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Opportunities for American Companies

  • Free expert assistance in international business development and technology-based alliances
  • First access to meetings and potential partnerships with companies from France, Spain, and Portugal
  • Faciliation of business relationships with RYME+ companies as needed
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