Dr. Honey – Premium Hungarian Honey from the Tokaj-Zemplen Region

Dr. Honey – Premium Hungarian Honey from the Tokaj-Zemplen Region


Company Name:

Dr Honey


Gourmet food products

Company Profile:

Dr Honey utilizes the rich land of the Tokaj region of Hungary to manufacture pure, GMO-free, Hungarian honey. They sell numerous flavors of honey including apricot brandy, orange zest, acacia, and chestnut. The company’s belief is that pure, responsibly-sourced honey is the cornerstone of successful business. Dr. Honey’s master beekeeper is the head of the Hungarian National Beekeeping Association.

Looking to Work With:

Food distributors and retailers interested in premium honey products, with the option of private label.

What They Can Offer:

Premium quality honey products ethically sourced from one of the most topographically and environmentally unique regions of Hungary.

How to Get in Touch:

Contact Noah Feingold, Marketing Associate at FB International LLC, at nfeingold@fbintllc.com or 312-236-5555.


gourmet-honey multiflower-honey

Dr. Honey is a partner of the Hungarian National Trading House, which is represented by FB International LLC.

Teaching Robotics and Programming Through LEGOs – Vengit from Budapest, Hungary


Company Name: SBrick by Vengit

Industry: Toy software and hardware

Company Profile:

SBrick is a project started by Vengit, a Hungarian company focused on software, architecture, and the Internet of Things. The SBrick device itself is a Smart RC Receiver that connects to mobile phones, allowing the user to control LEGO pieces and create complex, motorized builds.
The product is geared towards teaching students of various ages how to program, build robotics, and understand complex design. The company offers build kits with pieces that students can incorporate in designs on the mobile application and create with LEGOs.

Looking to Work With:

Educational institutions and educators interested in teaching programming and/or robotics.

What They Can Offer:

“Build kits” that contain different customizable pieces, the SBrick Smart RC Receiver, and a mobile application.

How to Get in Touch:

Contact Noah Feingold, Marketing Associate at FB International LLC, at nfeingold@fbintllc.com or 312-236-5555.




Vengit is a partner of the Hungarian National Trading House, which is represented by FB International LLC.

Business Opportunity with Three Hungarian Companies

Three of our clients from Hungary are actively seeking business partners in the United States. If you are interested in working with the companies listed below, contact Noah Feingold, Marketing Associate, at 312-236-5555 or nfeingold@fbintllc.com
  1. Vengit
  2. Vengit is a developer of Lego-based curriculum to teach robotics to children aged 8-15.
  3. Dr Honey
  4. Dr. Honey is a producer of honey in Hungary, a major honey-producing country.
  5. Sunshine Garage
  6. Sunshine Garage is an engineering firm that has developed an innovative automatic vertical garage system that saves space and energy while increasing safety.

FB International President Fabrice Bonvoisin with Scott Steward from Project Tech Teens and Zoltan Lazar from Vengit.

Our Services: Matchmaking Event for ITI Communication from Limoges, France

This is one in a series of company profiles that we will be posting on our blog to illustrate our work with international clients. FB International has worked with businesses and governments in over 30 countries.

Company Background: ITI Communication is an established web marketing and communication firm that developed a tool called FACIL’iti. FACIL’iti is a solution that visually alters websites to make them more accessible to people with disabilities. The company is based in Limoges, France and is a member of the ESTER Technology Park. ITI Communication had been working to establish a foothold for FACIL’iti in the United States. As part of a trade mission set up by the ESTER Tech Park, ITI planned on visiting Chicago in early November 2016 for meetings with potential adopters of FACIL’iti.

Visit to Chicago: FB International LLC worked ahead of time with the company to establish a list of priorities and target companies for their meetings. These priorities were based on FB International’s assessment of the market for web tools for people with disabilities. After setting priorities and target companies, FB International reached out to Chicago-based companies and secured several meetings for ITI Communication, including meetings with major Chicago universities and the Chicago Park District. These meetings were successful in establishing the groundwork for partnerships – and ITI plans on visiting Chicago again in January of 2017.

Summary: We specialize in setting up meetings with American companies for delegations coming to the U.S. These meetings are targeted and tailored to the needs of the delegation and its companies.


Frederic Sudraud, CEO of ITI Communication

    1. How important is the U.S. in your company’s strategy?

Our product received an amazing welcome from clients and prospects during our visit in October. The technology is disruptive and we currently have no competitors. Plus, US law requires accessibility, so we have some ideal timing. But we will continue to push in the US.

    1. What advantages do you see in Chicago?

The market seems to be moving forward, and Chicago could be the pioneer of our US strategy. In that case I would establish a space for FACIl’iti US here. Plus, I love the Windy City!

    1. What are the biggest challenges in your company’s development in the U.S.?

Creating a subsidiary, finding a good person to manage it in the US, finding ways to make it work.

    1. What piece of advice would you give to other companies coming to the U.S.?

You need contacts to be legitimate in this market, and proof of concept (POC). US companies are not waiting for you. Don’t be impatient. You need money to succeed, stay, create, and exhibit. You must imagine creating a company in the US and think about how to manage it.

Company Profile: KAMAX from Limoges, France

This is the first in a series of company profiles that we will be posting on our blog. FB International has worked with businesses and governments in over 30 countries.

KAMAX has developed a real-time imaging system that allows for more accurate imaging in multiple situations, including the imaging of cancerous tissue, through the polarization of light. The company is based in Limoges, France and is a member of the ESTER Technology Park.


Olivier Baudet, President of KAMAX

  1. How important is the U.S. in your company’s strategy?
  2. It is important for KAMAX to grow in the US to sell our k-probe device. We consider entering the US markets as important as our market in France.

  3. What advantages do you see in Chicago?
  4. The advantage of working with FB International, which is based in Chicago, is that it is the ideal connection to start entering identified markets or new potential markets. FB International is the ideal partner because of their knowledge of the American market and ability to find the right contacts – whether as potential clients or suppliers.

  5. What are the biggest challenges in your company’s development in the U.S.?
  6. The development of other industry sectors, such as mining, is a big challenge. FB International has helped us expand into those areas.

  7. What piece of advice would you give to other companies coming to the U.S.?
  8. Companies should seize the opportunity to work on development in a market that moves much faster than France.

French Companies to Visit Chicago November 7-9

To schedule a meeting with one of the following companies, contact Noah Feingold at nfeingold@fbintllc.com or 312-236-5555.

FB International is organizing a trade mission for the city of Limoges, France during November 7-9th. Three companies from a tech park called ESTER Technopole in Limoges will be in Chicago meeting with American companies. Below are brief profiles of the three companies:



ISORG produces organic and printed electronics devices for large-area photodetectors and image sensors. Potential applications of their products are numerous – including in the medical, healthcare, consumer appliance, and smart building and lighting industries.



KAMAX is pioneering a new optical scanning technology for high-contrast microscopic visualization with the use of chemical dyes, in medical diagnoses and materials science.

3. ITI Communication


ITI Communication has developed a web tool called FACIL’iti that makes websites more visually accessible to people with disabilities. These disabilities include dyslexia, color blindness, light sensitivity, motor impairments, and more.

Trip to Washington D.C. for the Taste of Hungary


Founder Fabrice Bonvoisin (left) with the Hungarian Commercial Attaches for New York and D.C., as well as the Consul General of Hungary to New York.

The Hungarian National Trading House, a public-private partnership of the Hungarian government and Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted a Taste of Hungary event at the Library of Congress. Hungarian dignitaries were present at the event, as well as representatives of grocery stores, liquor stores, and wine shops around the Washington D.C. area.

Contact the Trading House here.

Read more about the event on the Hungarian Embassy’s website here.

Photos from Hungarian National Trading House Chicago Visit in October

Full album here

Nora Pataki, Project Director at the Hungarian National Trading House, visited Washington D.C. and Chicago in October. During her visit she attended a wine tasting at the Library of Congress and met with several Chicago companies and organizations. These meetings will help build relationships between American and Hungarian companies, as well as  

Fabrice Bonvoisin at the Taste of Hungary event at the Library of Congress


Nora Pataki, HNTH Project Director, visiting the FB International office in downtown Chicago


Meeting David Baker of the Energy Foundry and Jennifer Allen of Coalition: Energy


Touring Coalition: Energy


Professor Bob Krawczyk explains the structure of the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture


Professors Ron Henderson and Marshall Brown explain their pioneering work in the field of Driverless Cities


To learn more about the Hungarian National Trading House and how to partner with Hungarian companies, contact Noah Feingold at 312-236-5555 or nfeingold@fbintllc.com

New service for companies establishing an office in Chicago: the Welcome Package

Too often, foreign and even American companies get lost when establishing an office in Chicago. After a lot of hard work, they make their wise decision to locate here their US or regional office. However, when the time to implement the plan comes, they come short of contacts who can genuinely help them efficiently on the administrative process. They need an attorney to handle the incorporation of the new entity, an accounting firm that can do the book keeping and prepare the tax returns, and a bank to pay all the initial fees and receive clients’ payments. It is quite hard to find suitable service providers for small and medium companies, especially when the parent company is located overseas. These companies can get referrals from their respective trade commissioners, but these names are usually not verified or obsolete. Local agencies can provide also referrals, but they usually consist of big name organizations. As a result, new companies to the area end up taking a gamble on service providers to get the job done, and may have to change later for a better suited set of providers. All this process can be painful, costly, and lengthy. The problem is that this lack of trusted contacts leads many new companies to the area to spend a lot of time and money before they even get a chance to generate their first dollar in sales. The solution? the Welcome Package. This is a bundle of services created by FB International LLC for its clients, and developed in collaboration with trusted and independent partners who know about international business, and the environment of small-and-medium businesses. The package includes the following: The benefits are: For more information and pricing, please contact us.

FB International LLC attending Ceramic Network in Limoges, France

In June 2015, the European cluster for Ceramics (PEC) located in Limoges-France, organized its bi-annual conference called Ceramic Network. Many companies from various industries attended, and had booths. This event was the perfect venue for Fabrice Bonvoisin to introduce FB International LLC to the members of the PEC, and many others. This conference was essentially focused on the latest applications of ceramics (3D printing for example), and networking. All attendees had a schedule full of pre-arranged appointments. However, everyone was ready to find time for extra networking. For those interested in ceramics in some fashion, this event is a must-attend one. For more information, go the tab for Affiliates and click on the PEC’s logo.
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