Weekend Digest August 31st, 2018
Fri Aug 31

Weekend Digest August 31st, 2018

F.B. International’s Weekend Digest is an easy-to-read breakdown of what we’re reading and highlighting from the past week.

More from this week’s theme: Food and Beverage Products and “terroir”–a legal link between taste and place


What our team is reading this week:

Each week, the team at F.B. chooses an article to share. These are not necessarily related to international business, but are some “good-reads” we think you may enjoy.

Fabrice Bonvoisin, President

There is no doubt that biking is good for our health. My uncle rides 70 Km twice a week, and last may he rode a 158 Km bike race at age 82! Did you know that, according to the European Cycling Federation (www.ecf.com), this little invention is celebrating its 200th birthday this year? The Baron Karl von Drais of Germany patented in 1818 the design of his new machine called the Draisine, a two-wheeled horseless vehicle propelled by its rider. In today’s world, surrounded by technology, bikes are far from a thing of the past. I find it quite interesting to see how bikes are still making the news around the world. In Rwanda, for example, farmers are using a bike made in South Africa to optimize the delivery of coffee beans: down from the mountains to the factory with 300lbs loads (https://bit.ly/2BYiXPM). You of course have the famous bike locations, like Amsterdam, but I wonder if you knew some of the facts that made bicycles in this city so iconic: https://bit.ly/2N0JRLq. I believe bikes are here for an even longer run. Last March, the European Transport Research Review published an article about the market development of electric bikes. They consider these bikes as a legitimate component in the development of smart cities! (www.springer.com). This trends seems to be confirmed by CITYLAB in its timeline of the growth of bike-sharing around the world (https://bit.ly/2N7KfrD). My favorite city, Chicago, is definitely taking part in this trend by offering a lot to bikers within and around the city (https://bit.ly/2wwSOBS). It was just a matter of time before we saw manufacturers like Harley Davidson to jump into the future with an electric motorcycle called Livewire (https://bit.ly/2mUpeBC). I can’t wait to see it on our roads in 2019. What’s in your garage?

Ruby Blau, Marketing Associate

Anyone who has applied for a job in the past ten years can tell you about the horrors of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). These systems, generally used in large corporations allow for computerized “scanning” of resumes and cover letters in order to weed out unqualified applicants. While this saves time for the hiring manager, it is both daunting for applicants and discounts scores of potential good candidates with resumes worded differently than anticipated.

To tackle this issue, Alex Desjardins co-founded BubbleHR: an “intelligent (video) recruitment system” that uses deep machine learning and Industrial & Organizational psychology to enhance the hiring process for both corporate recruiters and applicants.

  Article: https://futuresharks.com/alex-desjardins/

Balint Homonnai Varga, Assistant Project Coordinator

We are getting close to the Apple Keynote in September, where Apple will showcase the newest hardware for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and (probably) MacBook. As we are approaching the presumed date (Sept. 12), rumors are flowing like rivers into the pool of the internet. One of the best places to go for reliable information is iMore. The website does not disappoint – a detailed forecast of what’s to be revealed at the Keynote presentation is provided in the article with extensive backing.

Image from iMore

                    Link: https://www.imore.com/iphone-2018-event-preview

Events you may be interested in next week:

  • September 6th: Barry Callebaut – Heart and Engine of the Chocolate and Cocoa Industry. Special dinner program sponsored by the Swiss-American Business Council. Presentation by Philipp Muheim, Regional Legal Counsel of the Americas, who will focus on a general overview of Barry Callebaut and its global business, including its efforts in the areas of sustainability and innovation. 6:00 – 8:30 p.m., 600 West Chicago Avenue, #860, Chicago. SABC Members – $25; Non-members – $45. For information & registration, please see: https://bit.ly/2LKTDg4
  • September 11th: Export 101 and New Technologies You Should Know. Workshop, sponsored by the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at the Center for Entrepreneurship, College of DuPage, will give you the basic understanding of how exporting works, including e-commerce. 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Center for Entrepreneurship, College of DuPage, 2525 Cabot Drive, Lisle, IL. No charge; advance registration required. For information & registration, please see: https://bit.ly/2wAipL9

Next week’s theme: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing–The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Next week we’ll be discussing Industry 4.0: what digital transformation means in manufacturing: how ready companies feel and how some companies are already using IIoT and other new technologies to make the transition. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see these posts.

Author: Ruby Blau

Ruby is the Marketing Associate for FB International LLC. Ruby focuses on supporting the marketing, social media, and business development efforts of FB International’s clients.

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